Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision. SUNY Stony Brook SPPS’s vision is “to prepare student and practicing pharmacists who provide patient-focused pharmacist care as members of collaborative health care teams and who seek leadership opportunities to innovate in all areas of pharmacy practice”.

Mission. In order to meet that vision, the SPPS has a four-part mission:

  1. Develop high-achieving students’ patient-focused practice skills with patient care experiences on health care teams;
  2. Facilitate the learning of top-performing students as they prepare themselves to be exemplary, practice-ready, generalist practitioners and innovative leaders who recognize their patients’ health care needs and who lead the efforts to improve patients’ health care outcomes;
  3. Create an environment of excitement and excellence that inspires our communities to collectively foster in each other the knowledge, skills and habits-of-the-mind that will set each member apart as a scholarly and inquisitive practitioner and/or scientist, and;
  4. Provide our faculty with opportunities to grow and develop their personal teaching, patient care and/or research programs into nationally recognized and competitive enterprises.

Core Values. The SPPS’s core values commit the administration, faculty, staff and students to developing a mentoring culture in which all members:

  1. Exhibit integrity in their professional and personal actions;
  2. Behave in a professional manner;
  3. Collaborate in the care of patients and in working with others;
  4. Seek to achieve excellence in all of their professional and personal endeavors;
  5. Accept responsibility and accountability and expect the same of others;
  6. Celebrate diversity;
  7. Think critically, reflective, entrepreneurial, and futuristic;
  8. Exhibit compassion in serving others;
  9. Enhance life-long learning based on scientific and professional advancements; and,
  10. Seek positive outcomes.