Doctor of Pharmacy Program Application and Pre-requisite Information

Pre-pharmacy or prerequisite coursework provide a solid foundation for the PharmD curriculum and a well-rounded general education. Students who successfully complete pre-pharmacy prerequisite coursework should enable students to rise to challenges of the PharmD curriculum, excel in an increasingly technological workplace, and communicate effectively with colleagues and a culturally diverse patient population. The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education recommends chemistry, biology, mathematics, information and communication technologies, physical sciences, and general education courses as a foundation for the PharmD curriculum (ACPE Standards 2016, Standard 1).

Prerequisite courses, GPA and grades

The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program requires 71 semester credit hours of undergraduate study at a regionally accredited college or university (or an equivalent institution as determined by the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences [SPPS]), followed by 4 years of study in the professional program.

Students are admitted to the School of Pharmacy PharmD Program only after completion of the college-level prerequisites noted below, which generally requires three years of full-time study. The courses listed below may be taken at any accredited college, university or community college in the United States. Courses must be approved by the School of Pharmacy. If you are transferring credits from another college or university, please click here to learn about Stony Brook University’s transfer policies. Please note that admissions is competitive and preference may be given to applicants who hold bachelor’s or graduate degrees.

Students who have questions about acceptability of their coursework should contact one of our advisors at 631-638-7962 or

Students who have not completed all of their prerequisite courses may apply to the PharmD program, provided that any remaining prerequisites are successfully completed (a grade of “C” or higher) by the end of the Spring Term preceding matriculation.

NOTE: NOTE: The Admissions Committee highly recommends that students do not “split” a two-semester course sequence between two schools, but complete each course sequence at one institution (i.e., two semesters of General Biology at the same school, two semesters of General Chemistry at the same school, two semesters of Organic Chemistry at the same school). An applicant need not do all their course sequences at one school, but they should avoid splitting individual course sequences. If you begin a science series at one school and finish at another, it is possible that all of the required components of the course descriptions may not be met with the result of not satisfying the pre-requisite.

With regard to the fulfillment of prerequisites, please keep the following points in mind:

• Survey courses are not accepted
• Students who have not completed prerequisites may apply.   However, they must complete any remaining prerequisites by the end of Spring Term prior to program entry
• English requirements may be met in ONE of the following ways:

 - Completion of one English Composition course OR
 - Completion of one Writing Intensive course OR
 - Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree from a college or university in the United States

Please note that courses worth different numbers of credits may be accepted if the course descriptions are equivalent to those listed on our website. For example, students who attend schools that operate on a ‘quarter system’ are encouraged to pay special attention to their prerequisite courses and are invited to seek the advice of our admissions officers.

Course credit may be obtained at foreign colleges or universities. Applicants completing coursework at a foreign institution (including Canada) are required to submit a Foreign Transcript Evaluation Report (FTER) as part of their application. The FTER may be submitted through PharmCAS or submitted directly to the school. Student applicants with foreign transcripts are encouraged to submit their FTERs to the School of Pharmacy Office of Academic and Student Affairs well ahead of the posted deadline to allow for the additional time needed to review the FTER.

Pre-requisites for the Stony Brook School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences PharmD program With Stony Brook Course Equivalents

Course Minimum semesters required Minimum semester  hours required Stony Brook Course Equivalents

General Biology - with Labs in each term*

2 8 BIO 202, BIO 203, BIO 204 (L), BIO 205(L), OR BIO 207 (L)

Cellular Biology (if not covered in Gen Biology)

1 3 BIO 202 or BIO 310
General Chemistry: with Labs in each term* 2 8 CHE 129/130 + CHE 133 (L); and CHE 132 + CHE 134 (L); or CHE 131/132 + CHE 133 (L) AND CHE 134 (L)
Organic Chemistry: with Labs in each term* 2 8 CHE 321 + CHE 327 (L); AND CHE 322 + CHE 327 (L) OR CHE 331+ CHE 332 + CHE 383 (L) OR CHE 327 (L)
Biochemistry (2 semesters is preferred) 1 3 BIO 361 (AND BIO 362 - preferred)
Physics: with Lab 1 4 PHY 121 OR PHY 131 + PHY 133 (L)
Microbiology 1 3 BIO 315
Anatomy & Physiology (either combined or separate with 1 semester of LAB) 2 7 HAN 200 AND HAN 202, OR ANP 300 AND BIO 328
Statistics 1 3 BIO 211 (preferred),  AMS 102, AMS 110, PSY 201, SOC 202, BUS 215
Calculus 1 3 MAT 125 OR MAT 131 OR AMS 151
Public Speaking or Oral Communication or Speech 1


THR 110; JRN 365 (preferred)

English Composition or other WRITING INTENSIVE course 2


WRT 102 AND WRT 301, OR WRT 302, WRT 303, WRT 304, OR WRT 305 (preferred), EGL 130, CWL 325

Social Science: (preferably two different courses in either Psychology, Sociology, Ethics, Critical Thinking) 2


ANT 102, PSY 103, SOC 105, SOC 200 (preferred), HAS 335

Liberal Arts (preferably one course in Humanities, Philosophy, History of Medicine, Rhetoric, or Literature)  1


PHI 100, PHI 101, PHI 102, PHI 103, PHI 104, PHI 108

Economics (General macro/microeconomics combined or Microeconomics or Macroeconomics)



ECO 108




* It is recommended that students complete any two-semester sequence courses at the same school    

Separate anatomy (3 credit hours) & lab (1 credit hour) and physiology (3 credit hours) & lab (1 credit hour) courses will meet the requirement of two semesters of anatomy/physiology.

 Other Important Information Regarding Prerequisites Requirements

  • Applicants are required to complete a minimum of 71 semester credit hours in the above prerequisite courses with a grade of C or better prior to matriculation. In addition, a minimum cumulative math/science GPA of 2.5 (on a 4 point scale) is required, although a GPA of 3.0 or above is preferred.
  • A Bachelor’s degree is preferred.
  • All prerequisites must be completed by the end of the Spring prior to matriculation. Students taking more than 2 courses in the summer prior to matriculation must receive prior approval from the SPPS Office of Academic and Student Affairs.
  • All prerequisites must be completed within seven (7) years prior to matriculation.
  • Students must complete the PCAT (no minimum score is set).
  • An in-person interview is required for applicants so skills not reflected in the application can be evaluated. Such skills include the ability to think clearly and logically, self-confidence, ability to work with a group and verbal and written expression of ideas.
  • Students need to be aware of the additional prerequisite requirements beyond academic coursework that may be considered in the holistic review of each applicant including (but not limited to): letters of recommendation, community service, extracurricular activities, work experience and leadership.
  • All applicants must meet the Technical Standards for Admission, Progression and Graduation and once accepted submit to a Drug Screen and Criminal Background check.

Time Requirements for Prerequisites

Seven (7)-Year Time Limit on Prerequisites: In general, all courses must have been completed within 7 years preceding matriculation into the pharmacy school. Exceptions may be considered upon review of a student's full application and any advanced level coursework in the sciences that has been completed. The Admissions Committee highly recommends completion of science and mathematics courses within the last five years (i.e., calculus, organic chemistry, biology, microbiology, anatomy & physiology, and accompanying labs).

Applicants wanting to request an exemption to the prerequisite or other requirements must submit an Exemption Request Form from the office of Academic and Student Affairs.

Deadline to the Complete Prerequisites: With the exception of fall 2018, prerequisites must be completed by May 31 immediately preceding entry into the program; e.g. for fall 2019, prerequisites must be completed by May 31, 2019. Students may petition the college’s Office of Student Affairs to take prerequisites in the summer. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis to ensure that they may be feasibly completed within the time frame specified.

Equivalent Coursework

Equivalent Coursework at Other Colleges: Individual prerequisite equivalence courses for New York State schools and some out-of-state schools in the Eastern United States can be identified through the Transfer Credit Database.  The Transfer Credit Database is a tool to see how the courses you have completed or plan on taking will transfer to Stony Brook University.  

Course Credit by Exam: Prerequisites may be completed by Advanced Placement (AP), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), and the International Baccalaureate Program (IB). A specific score is required to receive credit; exam options and required scores are listed on the Advanced Placement Credit webpage.

Retaking Prerequisite Coursework

Colleges and universities, including Stony Brook University may have restrictions regarding if a course may be retaken or if approval is needed from the Registrar's Office to retake a course. If you require a letter or email stating that retaking the course is required as part of the admission requirements, please contact the School of Pharmacy's Student Affairs Office.

Financial aid may or may not be available for those courses being retaken. Please consult with your specific school's Office of Financial Aid for more information.

For More Information Contact

School of Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs
Stony Brook Medicine
101 Nicolls Road, Stony Brook, NY 11794-8665
Phone: 631 638-3673