Dean's Message

Dr. Reid

For those thinking about a career in pharmacy, consider becoming a member of the first class at the Stony Brook University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPPS).

Throughout your education you will learn to become patient care providers, researchers, writers and technology leaders who will be the most sought after pharmacist graduates in the state. 

Our unique educational methods will integrate the latest technologies and educational learning strategies to ensure you can learn 24/7, anywhere and anytime. Using these tools, faculty will build a curriculum of learning through: (1) team-based learning, (2) integration of the curriculum and (3) interprofessional education and practice.  In this fresh and dynamic program, student pharmacists will be active participants in a forward-thinking educational environment that encourages open discussion and creative thinking.

Team-based learning (TBL) fosters students’ active participation in class, as opposed to sitting passively in a lecture hall listening to professors. TBL is superior to lecture-style learning because it helps students understand how to ask innovative, relevant questions, critically think through the problem, and develop an evidence-based solution. You will be given real-life problems in class every day, and your team will be tasked with actively solving them through classroom exercises, projects or discussions guided by the faculty.  And, you will be the only students in New York taking TBL courses with medical students.

These classroom and practice interactions with other health professional students will shape your future as a practitioner and help you prepare to practice pharmacy with health professionals in community and hospital pharmacies, as well as in home care, public health, research and technology companies, education, and many more places.

At Stony Brook you will also learn outside of the course content “silos” that exist in most schools or colleges of pharmacy. A typical semester at another institution might include medicinal chemistry, pharmacodynamics, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacotherapy and pharmacoeconomics taught in five or six separate classes. The human body is a complex, integrated system, and the chemical and biological systems of the human body do not work in isolation; nor do medications.  Our integrated curriculum directly links all of this subject matter and applies it to various biological and chemical pathways and clinical situations.

Exceptionally trained and highly skilled pharmacy graduates are always in high demand. As a Stony Brook educated pharmacist, you will be highly sought after for your critical thinking skills, leadership ability, ability to work with others, and excellence in clinical practice.

We invite you to embark upon a journey of personal and professional discovery and growth in this exceptional program that challenges the status quo and advances pharmacy practice in New York and the nation.

Come to Stony Brook SPPS for meaningful community service, exciting research, progressive interprofessional healthcare practice and the opportunity to change peoples’ lives for the better, both locally and globally.



L. Douglas Ried, Ph.D., FAPhA
Founding Dean and Professor
Stony Brook School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences