Preparing for Pharmacy School

Note: Our program is currently under development with an anticipated enrollment date of Aug 2018.

Preparing students for the rigor of a pharmacy school curriculum is anchored in a solid foundation in the sciences.  In keeping with national norms many schools require the following courses to be completed prior to beginning a PharmD program.

General Biology- 2 semesters with lab
Cell Biology- 1 semester (if not covered in General Biology)
General chemistry - 2 semesters with lab
Organic Chemistry - 2 semesters with  a minimum of one semester of lab
Physics - 1 semester with lab
Biochemistry - 1 semester ( 2 semesters preferred)
Statistics -1 semester
Calculus - 1 semester
Microbiology- 1 semester
Anatomy and Physiology-2 semesters (either combined or as 2 separate courses with at least 1 semester of lab)
Oral Communication OR Speech OR Public Speaking - 1 semester
Ethics OR Critical Thinking OR Rhetoric-  1 semester
English Composition 1 semester (may be waived if student completed another writing intensive course)
Economics (General combined micro/macroeconomics OR microeconomics or macroeconomics) - 1 semester
Social Science/Humanities - 2 semesters of either psychology, sociology, anthropology or philosophy (2 courses in the same discipline is preferred